November 12, 2013


Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Hope this finds you all wonderfully and greatly blessed during this most precious season of Thanksgiving and Christmas!

The weather has definitely changed, as it is supposed to do this time of year, and brought with it some beautiful and exciting changes that make impacts upon all our lives. The most celebrated change that we should be looking for is that surely JESUS is coming very soon! All indicators that we know about, or should be concerned about, tell us to “look up, for your redemption drouth nigh,” Therefor it’s time to be excited about leaving with Christ, grateful for the blessings HE has brought our way and the benefits we have in Him who loved us and gave Himself for us! Yes change, even great change is definitely in the air. And, speaking of change, there have been some great changes in our lives this year. First, the 27th of May, a beautiful new grand-daughter, named Brinley Micheala Holcomb, was born.

Then, just nine days later she was put into Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital with a rare bacterial meningitis. She was treated there for 17 days, then allowed to go home with her mom and dad to finish her treatments of antibiotics. By a miracle of the Good Lord she has been given a clean bill of health, to which we say PRAISE THE LORD!! She is living proof that our Lord still does all things well.

Then, after much prayer, deliberation, and meditation it became apparent to me that my season with the Inspiration had come to an end. And, so on October 1st, I left the only full time job I have ever known, (41 years) and became a more than full time evangelist. I leave the group with regret, disappointments, and some hurt, yet knowing that the Good Lord has blessed us there far more than we ever could deserve. He has certainly been very good to us all these years and we are appreciative of it. We

have been very busy so far, traveling with Nana Boo, preaching the Gospel in several places. We are currently trying to get next year lined up with bookings that will keep us very busy telling the wondrous story of His grace and glory. Now it just might be possible that we could come to your church to declare the grand old Gospel in work and song. Pray about that, talk with your pastor and have him to pray about it as well. We definitely need your prayers and your support more than ever before.

Thanks to some very special friends at Song Garden Music Group. I have the opportunity to record a solo project that should be

available sometime in January. It will have some of the very best songs I’ve ever had the privilege to sing on it, and I’m very excited about it. It is of the Lords doing and bidding and you can not improve on what He does. The Great I Am still amazes me with His care, and all that He does to see to our well being.

We trust you will all be wondrously blessed, and that all of us will take the opportunity to be thankful, grateful and acknowledging of the benefits of our dear Lord. He is worthy of ALL praise, honor, and glory! BLESS HIS NAME! We love you very much.