December 2008

Greetings in the name above all others, the Preeminent, Powerful, and Precious name of Jesus Christ in whom we live, move, and have our being.

Oh how estate all of us should be to have the opportunity to celebrate His coming to this earth to walk, talk, heal, and reveal Himself as He is, the Son of the Living God. The Apostle John declared that in Jesus was LIFE, and that life was the LIGHT of men. In that which was lost. THE TRUTH came unto His own.

We understand that the Lamb of God came unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. His Father, the Majesty Most High had chosen a young virgin girl by the name of Mary, a descendent of Abraham, to bare His Son unto the world fulfilling all the prophesies spoken of this child that was to be given as the only Savior. This Truth was also brought forth unto His own prized creation made in His own image so that whosoever would believe and trust in Him calling upon His name would have a Redeemer.

A terrible TRAGEDY has occurred that the majority of people and eternally doomed in torments because they refuse to accept and receive Gods greatest gift. Oh but thank God for all of us who have received Him, proclaiming Him as Lord of our lives

in power, becoming Sons and Daughters, children of the Great I Am by grace through faith! What TRIUMPH we enjoy over death, hell, and the grave! What Victory we have in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Even though there is an ever increasing darkness being perpetuated in the world we still have the Light of Life forevermore living and lighting the way unto that land of perfect day. PRAISE GOD and the LAMB forever for this glorious truth that has triumphed in victory for all who will receive it! There are only a few days left in the year of 2008. Job said that a man born of a women was of few days and full of trouble. He knew what he was saying to be right. Right now there are many of God’s children really longing for Jesus to come and take us with Him.

We are included in that number. Spending Christmas with Jesus sounds wonderful doesn’t it! If He does not come before Christmas, let’s all just draw nigh unto Him with our hearts full of praise thanking Him for the glorious hope we have in Him! He will come, and right on time! The signs of His coming are all around us. So, look up! Our redemption drouth nigh. We bless the Good Lord for all of you and the blessing you have been to us and this ministry.

Please pray for strength and enablement for us and our family to be pleasing unto the Lord. We love and appreciate each of you, and are praying for a double portion of Gods grace and power to be upon us all.

Love to all,
Bro. Mike and Bavaria