December 2015

We greet you in the name above all others, the Lord Jesus Christ, our wonderful Redeemer, Savior, Counselor and Friend.

In the book of Psalms chapter 103, the Psalmist gives us wonderful reasons to bless the Lord, and be grateful and thankful for ALL the many things that the Good Lord has done and is doing for us. Our precious Lord has been very good to us! HE has supplied our every need, heard and answered many prayers, and loved us far more than we can understand. BLESS HIS NAME!
This year of 2015 has been filled with changes, most of which were not for the better. The farther we get from the WORD and it’s divine author, the more devastating the changes become. Things are waxing worse and worse, but we can rejoice in the blessed news that our redemption draweth nigh! Any minute now JESUS IS COMING to gather the born -again to be with Him. Every day now our prayer is “even so come quickly Lord Jesus.”
Our schedule this year has not been as busy as last year. That is a change that is disturbing. Many churches are not having revivals as they once did. In fact some have decided not to have revival at all. Some pastors have said it is because the level of support is embarrassing. BUT, we know HE will never leave nor forsake us. HE is aware of every situation, every circumstance we are facing and has promised to be with us all the way! And so we can CELEBRATE the fact that Our Holy Father sent His only begotten Son for us, that we could become part of His great family, and enjoy HIS presence, power, and preciousness in our lives. When the Holy Spirit told the Apostle Paul what to write down in Romans 8:28, He was not lying! The Lord still makes all things work together For Good for them that love the Lord, for them that are the called according to His purpose. And HE has a purpose for ALL of us who are His redeemed children. Many changes have had to be made, and some of them not pleasant, but the greatest change is yet to be made. When JESUS comes again, and we experience being made in His likeness! HALLELUJAH for the hope we celebrate because of Him!
Thank you from our hearts for the love and support many of you have shown to our ministry. Please, know that we do not take lightly a helping hand in the work of the Lord. Remember, little is much when God is in it. May the Good Lord bless and keep you! Please pray for the Lord to open doors of opportunity for service for us, and for yourselves. The great commission be applied to all our lives in these last days.

Merry Christmas,
Bro. Mike and Bavaria Holcomb
Heart’s Desire Ministry PO Box 1007 Bryson City, NC 28713